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Join our workshop at the DNUG Spring Conference in Berlin: "Web-Enablement of Notes databases" more...

Our client A-IX AG has won the DNUG Award 2008. A-IX AG is using our products Formula(r).Notes, Smart.Views and Smart.CRM!

In 2005, GMI has been founded in Stuttgart as a platform to publish innovative solutions based on XML technologies. Ongoing with the admitting of new partners in 2006 we have broadened our offerings. Now, our portfolio covers the following four pilars:

  • Products (Formula(r).Notes, Ante.Clavis, ...)

  • Tools (Meta.Clavis, ColourYourDatabase, smart.View, ...)

  • Individual software development with Lotus Domino / .Net

  • Stop motion pictures (based on Lego)

Our Products:


Follow the short track to integrate your existing Notes databases in your Intranet or your web page. Formula(r).WEB transforms the old fashioned Notes-UI of existing databases in an appealing Web-UI according to your corporate identity.more...


Create your specifications (forms-, field-, views- and process definitions) directly in Formula(r).Notes – or import an existing MS Word form. Click your mouse once to transform your specifications in fully web-capable notes applications that can be used immediately. more...


Define your processes, responsibilities, mail-notifications and routing options. Copy 10 design elements in your database and implement your process with only 1 mouse-click.
design – build – run! Unfortunately life is not as easy as Formula(r).WorkFlow. more...


Click your mouse once and retrieve a in-depth analysis of your Notes database (containing even these information our competitors are not able to tell you). Click your mouse a second time and retrieve a technical documentation of your database containing all dependencies of design elements – either as HTML or as MS Word. more...


Create your meeting minutes already in the meeting. Inform all participants about there tasks and responsibilities before they are able to leave the room – and control the results of your meeting before any catastrophe might show up. more...

Plan & Do:

Priorize your tasks and find out immediately if any conflicts will appear in your schedule. more...


Manage your contacts and addresses and file your documents by products, keywords or customers - Including MS Office integration more...

Our Tools:


Change values in Names-, Authors-, Readers, Date/Times- or any Text-field in (selected) (Profile-)documents in any of your applications – or create new fields without writing agents. more...


You are wondering about the slow response-times of your agents? Or you have no clue why your agents are not running as intended? Take Script.Analyzer to retrieve the complete code your agent is using and find out where you are having the wrong signature… (including all subs, functions, properties or embedded classes) more...


No need to develop any web views when using „smart.Views“. Copy just 2 design elements to pimp the layout of your web-based Domino applications. more...


A ScriptLibrary and a form return graphical reports based on HTML, KS and CSS in any Notes database and for every Browser. more...

Development Tools
Administration Tools
Organisation Tools
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"Die Wahrheit ist einfach und schön"

Philosophical and technical sessions showing your smart way to save your time and resources with our tools and products. Visit our session at Room Berlin in Fulda..


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